“We use the latest testing equipment as found in many ophthalmic departments in hospitals.”


Eye tests explained


In Europe, over 60% of 40 to 60 years old now use computers at work or at home. Computers have become an indispensable tool with most people spending several hours a day in front of a screen.
The last ten years have seen a remarkable change in the way people are living their lives and many of us are now spending in excess of six hours a day staring at either a computer screen or television.
The results are only to be expected: blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes and light sensitivity. Over 75% of computer users report these symptoms. At around 40 their become aggravated by the normal decrease in accommodation capacity.
Varilux Computer is designed specifically for computer vision presbyopes.
Not surprisingly, this places increased stress on our eyes, which may lead to blurred vision. It is therefore important to ensure that you have your eyes tested every two years, or more frequently if required.
Our qualified optometrists will test your eyes using modern equipment and will give you appropriate advice on what action needs to be taken. As well as monitoring changes in your sight, we will screen for conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The examination 

The examination is adapted to the individual and involves tests that are most applicable to your age group and any symptoms you may be experiencing. We use the latest testing equipment as found in many ophthalmic departments in hospitals and are suitable for DVLA testing.

By combining discussions about your lifestyle and the results from your eye test we are able to provide a solution that will fulfil your needs. This may simply be glasses or if further investigation is required we will refer you to a consultant for professional treatment. Throughout we follow guidelines as recommended by the College of Optometrists and through continuous professional development we aim to provide you with the best clinical practice.