Eye Care Plan


Early diagnosis and treatment of any diseases are vital

Dentists have already realised that the NHS has kept them from delivering the best possible care and from buying the latest technology.

  • Why should we accept that other countries have better health care ?
  • Why should we accept that because we live in West Wales that the newest technology is not available to us ?

You now have the opportunity to receive a level of eye care that has not previously been available and we are recommending all of our patients to take advantage of this technology. The eye care plan that we are offering will be open to all of our patients and, most importantly, will be affordable.


Non-mydriatic fundus photography


Advances in computer-controlled digital photography allow the inside of your eyes to be photographed in detail. Our camera allows images of your eyes to be stored and compared at your next visit.

The test does not normally require any drops and can be used to detect many forms of eye disease, e.g. haemorrhages, tumors, age-related macular degeneration.

The latest instruments will detect many eye diseases up to six years earlier than with older technology.

Can you afford not to take advantage of these quick and painless techniques?

Our comprehensive eye examination will include tests not previously available to you and will help protect your eye health for the future. Unfortunately the National Health Service is a barrier to new technology and is holding back improvements in eye care, but our loyal patients who came for their eye tests at William Street have enabled us to invest in the latest equipment available and allow us to offer unrivalled standards of examination into the future whilst protecting their vision.

Diabetics not on the care plan will pay a fee where it is necessary to dilate the pupils which many opticians have charged for some time. Regular tests are important and many diseases which cause sight loss and possibly blindness can be detected at an early stage.

Our new laser scanner is able to ‘see’ the optic nerve fibre which is affected by glaucoma at an early stage and prevent permanent, irreversible damage to your sight.

There will be a whole new range of tests available as well as the normal traditional tests that are performed now. Total eye care including regular eye examination with full field test, optical nerve scan and fundus photography will cost as little as £7.50 per month on Direct Debit or if you just wish to pay as required, the prices are listed below.




The laser scan of your optic nerves for glaucoma detection and other abnormalities is a quick,painless test not requiring any drops,but allowing the most detailed information available on the health of the retinal nerve fibres.

Glaucoma, for example, affects one in every 50 people over the age of 40 and the risk of development increases if you have a relative already with the disease.

Diabetes mellitus, or “sugar diabetes”, affects about one person in every 50 in the UK and can cause complications in the eyes. Diabetes does not mean your sight will be damaged, but you have a much higher risk of visual loss.

Many diseases which damage sight can be controlled and corrected ~ early treatment is vital. You may not realise anything is wrong with your eyesight so regular eye examinations are extremely important.


eyeplanPritchard Cowburn Optegydd is now able to offer you access to these instruments as part of their comprehensive eye examination plan.

For a modest £7.50 per month we will conduct a full eye examination beyond the standard expected by the National Health Service, and will not charge any extra for additional specialist techniques such as dilating the pupils to check for retinal detachment, diabetic haemorrhages, detailed visual field repeat examinations for glaucoma, etc.

Our new eye care scheme will be offered to all of our patients from the age of 18 years. Children will receive all of the benefits free of charge.

Membership of our ‘Comprehensive Eye Care Plan’ will give you access to all of our new instruments as required.




Scale of Charges

for people not wishing to pay by Direct Debit

Standard eye examination as required by National Health Service £40.00
Optical nerve laser scan to detect glaucoma early £45.00
Digital retinal photography £30.00
Contact lens fitting/consultation £40.00
Unlimited contact lens aftercare
(Annual fee paid monthly by Direct Debit)
£7.50 / month
Pupil dilation – both eyes £25.00
Coloured overlay assessment for Dyslexia £25.00
Emergency consultation / Foreign body removal £30.00
Repeat visual field examination £18.00
Copy of report from photography / laser results £15.00
Removal of eyelashes £15.00